CBM Fresh Express is the CBM Managed Services’ proprietary brand name for custom prepared restaurant quality meals, delivered directly to each inmate in their housing unit. CBM Fresh Express meals are optional supplements to, and not instead of, the three standard meals per day. An inmate who receives CBM Fresh Express meal is still guaranteed to receive all the nutrients which are required by federal and state mandate.

A special menu of restaurant quality choices is made available to friends and family. This menu may include things such as a Deluxe Cheeseburger with French Fries, Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich with French Fries, Extreme Boneless Buffalo Wings with French Fries, and a Beef Burrito Supreme served with Tortilla Chips, to name only a few menu items.

Orders are placed on a schedule determined by the facility from a menu order list which is collected and sent to the kitchen for preparation and delivery. Depending on the population size of the facility, the inmate orders may all be prepared and delivered on one day, or divided up to be delivered on multiple days. In the largest of facilities, deliveries may occur as many as seven days per week. Menus and program details will vary depending on inmate population, administration preferences and kitchen facilities.

Web based ordering is made available through an interactive web page from which friends and family can send their loved ones that taste of home. Orders are paid for via credit or debit card. There may be order limits dependent upon facility preferences.